Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Baked mushroom risotto

It has been ages since I shared a recipe on my blog - I can't remember the last time in fact - but suddenly last night when I was just getting ready to serve dinner I realised that I should share with you what I was making.

So today I give you Baked Mushroom Risotto.

It is really easy to make and much easier than stirring a risotto and keeping a constant eye on what you are making and hand on your wooden spoon.  The finished risotto isn't quite the same as a traditional one, but that is of no concern to me as it is so easy to make.

As I said, sharing this was a spur of the moment decision, so I don't have any step by step photos, but it really is easy so I don't think you will need them.

Ingredients to serve 3 hungry people or 4 with a salad on the side.

A small handful - very small, more like a couple of large pinches - of dried mushrooms such as porcini
Boiling water
600ml to 800ml hot vegetable stock - equates to between 2 and 3 cups, I use a stock cube dissolved in boiling water (heat in a saucepan if using fresh stock)
A good few grinds of pepper
A large pinch of dried mixed herbs
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 large onion, chopped into small dice
1 rounded cup risotto rice such as arborio - equates to a rounded half pint in a measuring jug
Splash of sherry, white wine or water
4 large field mushrooms - really big ones like portabella - or other mushrooms to taste, chopped into large dice
Small handful - again more like a couple of large pinches - grated parmesan cheese


Heat oven to 200 degrees C

Put dried mushrooms into a jug or bowl, cover with boiling water.  Leave to steep.

Heat olive oil in a large pan that can also go into the oven if possible.  Add onion, and cook until soft, but with no colour.

Meanwhile add good grind of pepper and dried herbs to hot stock - must be hot, does not need to be boiling.  If you are using fresh stock heat it in a pan to bring it up to temperature.

Add splash of sherry/wine/water stir round, then add rice.  Stir to mix thoroughly.  Add field mushrooms.  Add about half of the stock.  Stir to mix, leave to simmer while you prepare the dried mushrooms.

Remove dried mushrooms from liquid with a spoon.  Add liquid they have been soaking in to the pan.  Reserve the last little bit of liquid as it might be a little gritty - I pour mine in through a tea strainer.  Chop mushrooms into smaller pieces.  Add to pan.

Stir to mix everything.  Add remaining stock so that all of the rice and mushrooms are just covered and everything can float about.  You might have some stock left.  Keep this in case you need it later.

Bring everything up to a boil.  Keep stirring occasionally.

When the risotto is just boiling turn off the heat.  Sprinkle parmesan over the top.  Cover pan with lid or foil.  If your pan cannot go into the oven pour all of the contents of your pan into an ovenproof dish before adding the parmesan on top, then cover with lid or foil and cook.  I use a large round cast iron pan - a shallow one - with a lid.

Place in oven, cook for 20 mins.  After this time check to see if the rice is cooked.  If it is serve immediately.  If not cook for another 5 mins.  If the risotto appears to need more liquid add at this stage, stir and cover the dish again before cooking for a further 5 mins.

The risotto is delicious!  You can also do different versions adding whatever you like, peas and ham is a good one.  The method of cooking in the oven stays the same.

I hope you will enjoy making your own risotto, baked in the oven for ease!

Do let me know how you get on when you make this and share your suggestions for add ins to risotto in the comments.


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Monday, 30 January 2017

A knitty issue - my first socks, my first knitting in fact.....

If you read this blog you know that I am a crocheter - pretty obvious really!!

What you might not have realised - although I have mentioned it I am sure - is that I have never shown you any knitting.  Until very recently.

My knitting journey has been a long and difficult one.  As a child my mother and grandmother - and who knows, probably other people too - tried to teach me to knit.  I could never figure it out though.  I got confused between the stitches, where the put the needle, all this rabbit round the hole stuff and loads of other things which I never understood and indeed I still have no idea what the rabbit round the hole thing is!!!

I tried to knit more than once, many more times in fact, but no matter what I did, all I could produce ranged either from a stringy and holey mess at the worst to at the very best a very long and thin garter stitch scarf - which wasn't so terrible, but I only managed it once and in very very chunky yarn with massive needles.

When I started blogging I saw all of these wonderful socks being knitted and I so wanted to knit socks.  Being unable to knit though stopped me from doing it.  I looked at these socks, adored them, drooled over them, wanted them, admired them.  I commented about how lovely they were and how I would love to knit socks.  I read carefully through all of Christine's (Winwick Mum's sockalong tutorials), but still no socks.  No knitting in fact.

Then last year I decided to bite the bullet and have a go.

The thing that spurred me on was seeing a podcast and the Sue said - more eloquently than I am about to - that if you want to learn to knit and what you want to knit is socks then learn to knit socks.  Don't start with scarves or squares or something else if that isn't what you want to make.  In the past I had been put off trying the socks because I didn't know how to knit, but here was someone telling me to learn to knit socks.  This was the lightbulb moment that I needed.  The podcast is LegacyKnitz.

Well, of course, there were many false starts.  The casting on was tricky and then getting the knitting to join up so I could keep going round and round in a circle was nigh on impossible for me.  I knitted and ripped back and tried again and again and again.  Then suddenly it worked.  I was knitting round and it was joining up.  To be honest I am still not sure how it happened, but it did.

I don't yet have anything decent to show you, but I am getting there and I will share some glimpses with you.

This is my first "finished" sock.  It isn't one that anyone would want to wear as it is very baggy and has a lot of flaws.  However, it is the first thing that I have ever actually finished knitting so I am very proud of it!

One side - ignore the heel issue - isn't too bad and you can see that the gusset didn't go too badly on this side.

The other side though is a catalogue of disasters.  Holes all over the place and other problems too.  For some reason as I started to turn the heel I was working the wrong way round so the first part of the heel turn is "inside out" with garter stitch on the outside where there should be stockinet.

Also, I am having problems with SSK decreases to make the gusset.  Any idea what I am doing wrong anyone?  When I do a K2tog or a P2tog I don't have this problem, it is just when I work the SSK that I get this sort of laddery gap appearing.

You can see the problem I am having really well in this photo, one side - the bottom - of the toe decrease is fine and all lines up nicely with no gaps and then on the SSK side I have this gappy ladder.

Oh, and just because we all like to know what the yarn is, it is this.  Stylecraft Head Over Heels in colour 3098 which is called Everest - the range all seems to be named after various mountains.  It is an 80/20 wool/nylon and is, I think, reasonably priced as it is a 100g ball so good for beginners.  I am working on 4mm Knit Pro Zings DPN's which I am enjoying working with, they are lovely and smooth and not too heavy either.  I have a 52 stitch count - because I am working very loosely on large needles.

I am onto the second sock now and just starting the heel flap, it is going much better than the first one did - so far.........

I am also working on a second pair of socks at the same time.  Crazy I know!

This one isn't finished yet, but you can see that it is going much better than the first.  I am working this a little differently, a DK yarn so it is thicker and on 3.5mm Knit Pro Zings Fixed Circulars with a 40cm cord.  The needles are good, but I should have gone for a longer cord.  I am working 60 stitches because this is a slightly smaller needle and also the yarn is much thicker.

It is going fairly well, and I have had far less issues with this sock than I did with the other one.  There is one hole at the start of the heel gusset, I don't think I picked up the last stitch.

However, I am having another issue.  On the second side of the sock, so once I have worked across the top of the foot and am coming back down the other side to the heel turn again, I am having another gappy laddery problem.  I don't know if it is the same one as I was having on the other sock or a different issue.

Should I pick up the stitches differently on this side?  Strangely I am not having the SSK problems on this sock - but I couldn't tell you why!!!

This is the yarn.  It is a DK, Stylecarft Batik, the colour is Cherry and it is quite a cheery cherry isn't it.  I like the mottled effect that it gives in knitting, I will see what it is like for crochet as I am planning to make some hearts to show you soon in the same yarn.

So that is my sock journey so far and my knitting journey in fact.  Apart from the garter stitch scarf - there might have been two actually now I come to think about it - this is my first finished - albeit terrible! - knitting.  I can see an improvement already on the pink sock and the second striped one so perhaps it will improve.

Once I get a whole pair of decent socks of course I will very proudly show them off to you in a full Ta Dah! moment, but for the meantime, this is my Ta Dah! and it is thanks to Christine of Winwick Mum tutorials and to Sue from LegacyKnitz for spurring me on to try and to make it work.

The moral of this knitty issue....  Don't give up, keep trying and if you really want to do it, then you will do it and if you want to learn to knit socks, then learn to knit them.  Don't start with a garter stitch scarf if that isn't what you want to make and if that is what you want to make then go for it and enjoy it!  I am pretty sure now that a garter stitch scarf would fly off my needles so I already ahead of the game now.

Happy knitting everyone!!!

Oh, and don't worry, it will take a very very very long time before knitting overtakes crochet for me!

And a second Oh!  If you have any advice about that SSK issue or the laddery bit where I am picking up stitches to go back down the heel flap I would be most grateful.


Sunday, 29 January 2017

Listening to my books - Five Little Pigs

This was a good change of scene from my other reading over the last few months.  Although it did take me a few months to listen to all the tapes!  I have seen many many Agatha Christie adaptations on television, but until recently I have actually read very few of her books.

Five Little Pigs is read, unabridged, by Hugh Fraser who you may recognise as Captain Hastings from many of the televised Poirot programmes.  He made a good storyteller, I suspect because he already has an affinity for the works of Agatha Christie.  He doesn't actually feature in this story as a character though.

This story tells the tale of five little pigs who are actually suspects in the murder of Amyas Crale (pronounced A my us Kray ul).  His wife, Caroline was convicted of his murder some years before, but there were five other potential suspects, Philip Blake, Meredith Blake, Elsa Greer, Cecilia Williams and Carolines younger sister, Angela Warren.

Amyas is an artist, intent on finishing his painting of Elsa Greer, he and Caroline argue a great deal and it seems as though Amyas is going to leave Caroline for Elsa.  Then he is killed suddenly, Caroline is charged with his murder and is then herself hanged.

Years later her daughter, Carla, asks Hercule Poirot to investigate the matter, Caroline left her a letter telling her she was innocent, and now that Carla is to marry she wants to know the truth.

There are many twists and turns in this tale, the story is told via interviews with each of the five suspects, then they are called together at the end for the conclusion.  I have to say that all through the story the finger of suspicion seemed to be pointing firmly at one person, and I think that when I saw the television version of this it was the same.

I will not spoil things by telling you the ending, but it is definitely not what I thought it was going to be - because I was sure that I remembered the killer from the television version and I was very wrong about it!!

This was a good listen, and I can be pretty sure because this was an unabridged reading of the book that it would be a good read too.  I would recommend it!

What happens to the tape, well, pretty much all of the tapes that I listen to belong to someone else and are just on loan to me so it will be returned.  If it was mine, I would send it to the charity shop.  Which is something to note, you can get lots of great books on tape at charity shops, you just need a tape player, but you can buy personal tape players - remember those! - very cheaply online.

I know that some of you said before that you like to listen to books, do you have any good listening recommendations for the rest of us?


Friday, 27 January 2017

Five On Friday Linkup Number 8

Thank you everyone for linking up last week!  It was great that so many of you took part and lovely to see some new participants too.

I enjoyed reading your posts and I hope that you enjoyed reading the posts too.

As we have had some new people joining in, and you might not know the "rules" of Five On Friday.  There is nothing to worry about, they are pretty liberal and easy going.  I do though ask a couple of things - which I always include as you will see below - which I do ask that you do.

Firstly, please always link back to this post or give a note in your post to click on the badge in your sidebar - or if you wish include the badge in your post, just link clearly in some way.

Please ONLY link your Five On Friday post, not your whole blog, otherwise no one can find your Five On Friday post.

Finally to be a Five On Friday post it must either clearly state that you are taking five minutes to talk about one thing, or clearly include five things.  You can sneak in a sneaky sixth, but you must clearly have five things.  So five photos, five facts, five quotes, five different topics - as per my post this week which is the one before this one.

Please don't think that I am getting uppity, I just wanted to clarify for anyone who wasn't sure.  I hope it makes sense for everyone.

My news is all in my own post, which I will link below a little later in the day, it is already posted though if you want to visit - the post before this one.

Don't forget, people can add links all the way through until Monday evening so it might be worth checking back in the coming days for new links to read!

Hope you all have a great weekend, love each  other, and be just a little kinder than you need to!

Thank you.



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Five On Friday

Hello, welcome to Friday!  I don't know about you, but I glad that Friday has come and it is the weekend tomorrow.  It hasn't been a bad week, but it has been a bad week!  More of that later though - just a little bit of it! - now though, on with my five things...


January is the time that the lovely - and very cheap! - bunches of daffodils appear for sale in the supermarket.  I buy at least one or two bunches every week when I see them as I just love having them around the house.

The colour is wonderful and bright, they look so cheery and I love that they are a short lived thing so you have to make the most of them while you can.

In fact I think that daffodils are one of the few seasonal flowers that are left now.

Daffodils I love you!


I mentioned in last weeks post that as part of our year long plan to purge the whole house, loft, garden, shed etc of anything we don't want Hubby and I were going to tackle a couple of cupboards in the kitchen.  Well, once we got in the swing of things we did all of the cupboards.  These pictures show some of what we are getting rid of.

I know, loads!!!  Eeekk!!  The good news is that the cupboards are much lighter now and we can get to things.  I also no longer have the Kenwood Chef - food mixer, a bit like a Kitchenaid - sitting on the bench, after oh, only about 3 years it is now in a cupboard!  This is good news by the way, it gives us a lot more space on the bench and because we have cleared so much stuff out all I have to do is open a door and lift it out of the cupboard so it is still really easy to use.

What will happen to all of this stuff?  Well my friend will come and have a look through as I think there are several things she might like as she loves pretty china, and the rest will go to the charity shop.  None of this is destined for the bin!

Mostly things are duplicates that we have been given or somehow gathered along the way or things that we had as "starter" things many years ago, have since replaced and never got rid of.  Some are things that we used to use and just don't any more - the coffee maker for one.

I think it has been a great start to clearing out.  Fortunately, other than the loft and my clothes I don't think any of the other rooms will produce as much stuff - well, perhaps the garden shed, there is always stuff we don't need lurking in there!!


Be still my beating heart.  Knitting.  My first sock is done.  It is terrible, there are holes, ladders, all kinds of mistakes and there is a hole in the toe - I haven't worn it yet!!!  I am just starting the ribbing on the second one.  Until I have done two and have something at least half decent to show you I am keeping it under wraps.

I am prepared to show you this knitting though.  It is the start of another pair of socks.  This one is going slightly better - no holes so far! - so I thought you might like a peek.


I like to share my "seasonal cactus" with you when it flowers. I am not sure what season it thinks it is this week, but it has thrown out a few more flowers.  Perhaps these are the winter flowers!


I treated us to some new bedding this week.  It is from Sainsburys - supermarket - and was £25.00 for a king size bed set which I thought was very good value.  Since we painted our bedroom I have struggled to get anything in the right colours so we have been using our old bedding which was purpley colours and didn't go well with the blue of our bedroom.  I think this one will go well enough.  It isn't perfect, but it is better.

Oh and lest you worry about the old bedding that moves to the guest bedroom.  The guest bedroom bedding has gone because it was so ancient it was, I am ashamed to tell you, almost falling to bits.  It had been well used!!!

Sneaky Sixth

I know you have enjoyed seeing some of my calendar photos in the past so I though that at the end of each month this year I would try and share the pictures from the RLNI (Royal National Lifeboats Institution) calendar that I have for this year.

January is pretty isn't it.  I like seeing the bright colours.


And for the weekly catch up!

Well, you have seen most of it this week already.  Thank you all SO MUCH for the lovely comments you left on the post about my Happy Scrappy Squares Blanket.  I am so glad you all like it!!!  Thank you for the kind things you had to say, you were, as always, so lovely!!!

Man wise, I have been dealing with the paperwork which isn't fun and I could easily have screamed several times this week, but it is coming along slowly.  Still waiting for the funeral.....  Can't really say much more really.

We are getting on with life and making some plans for travel later in the year.  We have felt rather unable to do this certainly for the last year, and probably for longer than that too if I am honest, so to get out and about again more will be lovely.

The picture above tells the story of trying to get my new glasses.  So far so terrible (I don't mean the painting is terrible, I mean that the photo is terrible, the painting is lovely, I just cannot get a good photo of it for some reason!).  I am going back today.  I cannot get on - so far- with varifocals, I am not happy and the opticians isn't happy with me because I turned up when they were having some sort of NHS inspection and clearly didn't want an unhappy customer there.

I am going back today to see about getting two pairs of glasses one for reading and one for distance.  I can read without them which I think is part of the problem.

Just to give you a flavour this is a collage that I produced to show them how much I was having to move my head to look at the corners (i.e. see the full screen) of my computer.  I don't know how it appears to you, but I have to put my head right back to see the top of the screen and scrunch my neck down into my body to see the bottom of the screen.

I also cannot see to knit or crochet.

Anyway, it is ongoing, I will update you as and when.

Oh, and please note, bravery at showing my photo in said new glasses.......  The ones I will change them to will be smaller than these because these are so heavy and rest on my cheeks darn it which I just cannot take.......

No new podcast yet, just not up to it yet.  I still keep having random teary moments and I am pretty sure that no one needs to see that.  I mean I don't need to see that and I am the one sobbing!  All things in time...........  She says trying to convince herself and forget about the multiple episodes of sobbing which occurred on Wednesday.

I don't have any other news, I think it enough for one week!!!

So that is me.  I am of course linking with the Five On Friday link up post which will be the one after this.  To see the other links please either click the badge in my sidebar or see the other posts here.

Thank you everyone for linking, thank you for the kind comments you have left over the last week and thank you all just for being lovely!

Have a great weekend, love each other, and be just a little kinder than you need to!


p.s. bedding bought and paid for by me, not sponsored in any way!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Reading my books - The Book of Hygge

I am sure that you are well aware of the Hygge bandwagon, there have been many books published, websites and blogs writing just about Hygge and then others of us mentioning doing Hygge things.  I don't think you can have failed to miss it!

Hygge is something which has interested me for some time, well before the recent flourishing of all things Hygge.  I think I first heard about it on a television programme maybe five years ago or so.  I have also had a long held - decades long! - ambition, as yet unfulfilled, to travel to any of the Scandinavian countries so it has been on my radar for a while now.

So when these books starting appearing, well, I had to have a read and see what they were all about.  I have bought a few (!) but have only read one so far.  My first was The Book of Hygge by Louisa Thomsen Brits.  I thought it was a great read, and it really explains that Hygge is far more than just a candle and a blanket which I think is often the popular idea of what it is all about.

The book is split into six chapters which really break down the meaning of Hygge.  Belonging, Shelter, Comfort, Wellbeing, Simplicity and Observance.  In a way just those six words explain what it is all about.  However, as you read more you find that it is deeper than this.

It is often said that Hygge does not have a direct translation, although some translate it as "cosy".  At the start of the book the author gives a definition which reads thus

"Hygge (pronounced 'hue-gah') is a quality of presence and an experience of togetherness.  It is a feeling of being warm, safe and comforted and sheltered.

Hygge is an experience of selfhood and communion withpeople and places that anchors and affirms us, gives us courage and consolation.

To Hygge is to invite intimacy and connection.  It's a feeling of engagement and relatedness, of belonging to the moment and to each other.  Hygge is a sense of abundance and contentment.  Hygge is about being not having."

From reading the book, I think it really sums it up well.  It is certainly what I am looking for in life and therefore in Hygge.

I marked many of the passages as I was reading - that is what the little tabs are that are sticking out in the photo! - and I plan to share some of these little pieces in my Five On Friday posts, just a little bit here and there to hopefully inspire you in the way these words have inspired me.

I think we all need to remember the importance of being not doing.  We are human beings, not human doings after all!

I look forward to sharing more of this with you in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, did I enjoy the book?  Was it a good read?  Would I recommend it?  Would I recommend Hygge?  Is it more than a blanket and a candle?  The answer to all of these is a very large and resounding YES!

This is a book that you can read, and then read again and enjoy.  Just the experience of reading it and taking time to read it and think about it is in itself Hygge for me!  I will be reading this book again and referring back to the passages that I have marked.

What are your thoughts about Hygge, do you think there is something deeper to it, is it something you are trying to practice?  Do share your thoughts!

Happy reading!


p.s. you can read my other book reviews here, or by clicking the "reading my books" link at the top right of the sidebar.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Ta Dah! Happy Scrappy Squares Blanket

I am so pleased to have finished something - finally! - and to be able to share it with you!  This is my Happy Scrappy Squares Blanket.

What do you think?  Happy?  Scrappy?

This blanket is the brainchild of Sandra from the Cherry Heart blog, she has a pattern/tutorial that you can find here.  Thank you for the pattern Sandra.  All I had to do was add yarn and time.

I don't remember exactly when I started this blanket, but I was definitely working on it by the middle of May last year and I cannot have been working on it for more than a week or two before that.  So I am guessing that I started it at the beginning of May 2016.

With one teeny exception, which I will come to, all of the yarn is either scraps leftover from other projects, free yarn that came with magazines to make things that I didn't want to make, or scraps of tapestry wool that a friend gave me.  I gathered it all together and started crocheting and have turned what was a lot of leftovers and unwanted things into something really useful and usable and, more importantly much wanted - by Hubby who has claimed this for himself!

What I loved was seeing the way different colours related to each other.  I have picked out a few examples here for you

The border was really easy to do.  I worked a treble crochet (US double) into each stitch at the top and bottom of the blanket and on the sides I worked two trebles over each stitch.  After the first round I just worked two more rounds of trebles and then a round of doubles (US singles).  I changed yarns as they ran out and just kept going.  I could have done another round of trebles, but the border was wide enough and I was happy with it.

It was great to be able to take something that was just bits and pieces and turn it into something.  It has been a long haul to get this done with the big interruption last year, but since Christmas - well, since the you know what happened at the start of January - I was determined to get on and finish this.  It has been great therapy because it is so easy to do, very satisfying, quick to work up and doesn't require a lot of thinking.

I didn't worry about the sort of yarn that I used.  Some is really thick and some is really thin.  I kept working with the same number of stitches and the same hook.  The yarn just stretches to have larger or smaller holes between the stitches.  You can see what I mean in this photo.

Sandra's blanket is much more beautiful than mine, hers is all made with lovely sock yarn, the squares are well, square and it is soft and drapes and is pretty.  Mine is all sorts of colours, the squares are not square, some are one row, some are 11 rows, it doesn't drape either.  It is one big square though!!  My thought was to use what I had and to go for a style of a 1970's blanket that you might see in the back of a car in that era.  What do you think, does it remind you of that?  I get that feeling, the feeling of being stuck in the back seat of a Ford Capri which was owned by one of my parents friends as we drove to some zoo or other.  I could totally imagine this blanket on that car journey!

Oh, and I mentioned an exception.  This one little square.  It is my first and only handspun!  There might be some more in the future, who knows, but in the meantime my handspun is here.  Boy is drop spindling hard!

Two last things. 

Are the ends all sewn in?  Yes!!  You bet.  I sewed them in as I went, going back to do the previous row as I finished a row.  For the border I crocheted over the ends as I went.  Yes, you can see them a little but it doesn't bother me because they are just in the border and it is a scrappy blanket!

Would I make another one?  Yes!  You bet.  I have loads of scraps and bits of yarn that I cannot see myself using right now.  They are in larger quantities than these were though so perhaps in a slightly different way.  I might go for a granny stripe scrappy instead!

So that is my Happy Scrappy Squares Blanket!  All done.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing it, I have enjoyed making it, and have really enjoyed all of you following the progress of my blanket on Instagram.  Thank you for all of the kind things you said about it!

This is what I am trying to finish now.  Another blanket!

Happy Crochet!


Monday, 23 January 2017


As I said last week, we don't get a lot of snow here so when we do get some I have to go out and photograph it straight away so that I can share it.  We do get a few more really heavy frosts, but they cannot be guaranteed these days, so I also have to run out and photograph the frost quickly too!

This results in a slight overload of photos, but it means that I have more to share with you so these are the follow on from the ones I showed you on Friday, with some mosaics so that I can take part in Mosaic Monday - more of that at the end.

This (above) is the result of two days of frost, it is very thick and crusty isn't it!

The sage always gets a good thick coating of frost because the leaves are slightly hairy and they catch more moisture to freeze.  It makes for great photos!

The grass isn't so exciting to look at, but you can see how cold it is when the grass freezes.

Everything looks very chilly doesn't it!  I do like that we have so many evergreens in our garden though as they do add to the garden all year round and I am grateful for that!

As you can see it was very frosty in the garden although some of this was the result of two days of frost one after the other and no melting or defrosting in between.  I love the way that frost decorates everything with that look of icing sugar sprinkled around.

Nature really is an amazing thing isn't it, and it creates such great beauty for us all to enjoy!

Thank you as always Maggie for hosting Mosaic Monday, you can find the other posts over at Maggie's lovely blog Normandy Life.