Monday, 13 February 2017

Reading My Books - Three Act Tragedy

Once again an Agatha Christy novel featuring Hercule Poirot that famous Belgian - and don't mistake him for French! - detective.

I remember seeing the television version of this one - Three Act Tragedy - and, amazingly for me, "who dunnit" so reading this was interesting because I was looking out for the clues which would lead us to who the murderer was.  Normally I don't remember who the perpetrator of the crime is, so I am trying to solve the murder rather than looking out for the specific clues.  It was a different but good way to follow the story.

The story starts with a mysterious death, very suddenly when a group of friends are gathered together.  Although it is sudden there is no suspicion of foul play and life goes on.  As other things start to unfold some things become clearer and others less so.  Could it actually have been murder.  Who could the murderer be, where have people disappeared and what on earth is going on.  Then, there seems be another horrible twist in the tale, but is it real or not?

Once the three acts of the tragedy are complete surely we can reach a conclusion, have all three parts really happened though.  What if they haven't, what does that mean.

You are kept guessing - unless like me you already know the answer! - right until the end.  There was one thing that I remember not understanding in the television programme though and this was cleared up for me in the book.  I was glad about that!

I enjoyed reading this book a lot.  The story was a good one, well told.  Enough action to keep you guessing, different parts told by different characters and all together a lot of interest in the story.  It is a good one and I recommend it.

You will see from the picture of this book that it is a very old edition indeed.  It came as part of a large number of books that were given to me.  You can tell this one is old because of the state of the book - the whole of the back of the book is missing in fact! - and the price 3'6 on the bottom right of the front cover.  That means three shillings and six pence.  That means this book was published before 1971 when the UK switched to using decimal currency.

I love to look at the prices on books, it is interesting to see how prices have changed over the years.  Looking online I see that to buy this book now would cost £7.03.  Comparing prices, that would have equated to 38 pence in 1965.  To give a further comparison, in 1965 - pre decimalisation - a pound of butter would have cost about three shillings, now it would cost about £2.80.  It seems that books have gone up considerably more in price than butter has!

So after that little financial history lesson - don't you find these things fascinating? -  what happens to this book?  Well, I am once again in a quandary, that keeps happening with me lately.  This book is so tatty that I fear that if I send it to the charity shop they will send it for pulping.  I don't have anyone to pass it to as one of the people I usually pass books to gave this one to me and I don't think the other one likes Agatha Christy books - if I remember correctly, she will let me know if I am wrong.  If anyone would like it and will read it let me know and I will pop it in the post to you.  UK only though otherwise it will cost too much to send.

Do you find little "extra" things about reading books interesting?  Do they ever send you off in different directions looking at things.  I would love to know!

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Happy reading!



  1. (I tried to comment a few moments ago but the computer/internet seems to have eaten my message... so here goes again!)

    I love getting good book recommendations and definitely want to try Three Act Tragedy. Since I am in the US I can't ask for *your* copy (alas) but instead will trot off to my local public library and borrow their copy. Thanks again for the good suggestion!

  2. When I buy really old books I'm always surprised by the price on them. If I were in England I would ask for this book, but like the lady above me I will go looking for it at the library or used at Amazon.

  3. I'm always in the market for a nice murder. I enjoyed this book as well.

  4. Sounds like a great book Amy, I am hoping that very soon I won't have an address so will happily look in the library once we are settled. I love the old edition books and wonder who they belonged to and who has read them, so fascinating.

  5. I'm not a mystery fan, but my husband is. He loves Agatha Christie. Not sure if he's read this one. I will pass the recommendation on to him!

  6. I love Poirot! I need to read more of the books and not just watch the series on the TV. So happy to have found a UK blogger!

  7. Love it! I don't read as many mysteries - but they often sound so good! When I read I can often come across a reference I don't understand. I love how reading books can then often send me looking up things (whether relating to history or pop culture etc) and learning "extras" this way. ;)
    Blessings on your week ahead Sweetie! xoxo

  8. Sounds an interesting AC book & yes, from the state of it, has passed through many hands. I also wonder about the people who've read it? The price comparison is actually amusing when you think about it and talking of that, it was today, 14/2/66 that Australia changed to decimal currency. 51 years ago!!! Have a good week & take care.

  9. It looks like it has been enjoyed by many people over the years and now it's helped you clear up the query it must be worth the money!
    Lisa x


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