Friday, 27 January 2017

Five On Friday

Hello, welcome to Friday!  I don't know about you, but I glad that Friday has come and it is the weekend tomorrow.  It hasn't been a bad week, but it has been a bad week!  More of that later though - just a little bit of it! - now though, on with my five things...


January is the time that the lovely - and very cheap! - bunches of daffodils appear for sale in the supermarket.  I buy at least one or two bunches every week when I see them as I just love having them around the house.

The colour is wonderful and bright, they look so cheery and I love that they are a short lived thing so you have to make the most of them while you can.

In fact I think that daffodils are one of the few seasonal flowers that are left now.

Daffodils I love you!


I mentioned in last weeks post that as part of our year long plan to purge the whole house, loft, garden, shed etc of anything we don't want Hubby and I were going to tackle a couple of cupboards in the kitchen.  Well, once we got in the swing of things we did all of the cupboards.  These pictures show some of what we are getting rid of.

I know, loads!!!  Eeekk!!  The good news is that the cupboards are much lighter now and we can get to things.  I also no longer have the Kenwood Chef - food mixer, a bit like a Kitchenaid - sitting on the bench, after oh, only about 3 years it is now in a cupboard!  This is good news by the way, it gives us a lot more space on the bench and because we have cleared so much stuff out all I have to do is open a door and lift it out of the cupboard so it is still really easy to use.

What will happen to all of this stuff?  Well my friend will come and have a look through as I think there are several things she might like as she loves pretty china, and the rest will go to the charity shop.  None of this is destined for the bin!

Mostly things are duplicates that we have been given or somehow gathered along the way or things that we had as "starter" things many years ago, have since replaced and never got rid of.  Some are things that we used to use and just don't any more - the coffee maker for one.

I think it has been a great start to clearing out.  Fortunately, other than the loft and my clothes I don't think any of the other rooms will produce as much stuff - well, perhaps the garden shed, there is always stuff we don't need lurking in there!!


Be still my beating heart.  Knitting.  My first sock is done.  It is terrible, there are holes, ladders, all kinds of mistakes and there is a hole in the toe - I haven't worn it yet!!!  I am just starting the ribbing on the second one.  Until I have done two and have something at least half decent to show you I am keeping it under wraps.

I am prepared to show you this knitting though.  It is the start of another pair of socks.  This one is going slightly better - no holes so far! - so I thought you might like a peek.


I like to share my "seasonal cactus" with you when it flowers. I am not sure what season it thinks it is this week, but it has thrown out a few more flowers.  Perhaps these are the winter flowers!


I treated us to some new bedding this week.  It is from Sainsburys - supermarket - and was £25.00 for a king size bed set which I thought was very good value.  Since we painted our bedroom I have struggled to get anything in the right colours so we have been using our old bedding which was purpley colours and didn't go well with the blue of our bedroom.  I think this one will go well enough.  It isn't perfect, but it is better.

Oh and lest you worry about the old bedding that moves to the guest bedroom.  The guest bedroom bedding has gone because it was so ancient it was, I am ashamed to tell you, almost falling to bits.  It had been well used!!!

Sneaky Sixth

I know you have enjoyed seeing some of my calendar photos in the past so I though that at the end of each month this year I would try and share the pictures from the RLNI (Royal National Lifeboats Institution) calendar that I have for this year.

January is pretty isn't it.  I like seeing the bright colours.


And for the weekly catch up!

Well, you have seen most of it this week already.  Thank you all SO MUCH for the lovely comments you left on the post about my Happy Scrappy Squares Blanket.  I am so glad you all like it!!!  Thank you for the kind things you had to say, you were, as always, so lovely!!!

Man wise, I have been dealing with the paperwork which isn't fun and I could easily have screamed several times this week, but it is coming along slowly.  Still waiting for the funeral.....  Can't really say much more really.

We are getting on with life and making some plans for travel later in the year.  We have felt rather unable to do this certainly for the last year, and probably for longer than that too if I am honest, so to get out and about again more will be lovely.

The picture above tells the story of trying to get my new glasses.  So far so terrible (I don't mean the painting is terrible, I mean that the photo is terrible, the painting is lovely, I just cannot get a good photo of it for some reason!).  I am going back today.  I cannot get on - so far- with varifocals, I am not happy and the opticians isn't happy with me because I turned up when they were having some sort of NHS inspection and clearly didn't want an unhappy customer there.

I am going back today to see about getting two pairs of glasses one for reading and one for distance.  I can read without them which I think is part of the problem.

Just to give you a flavour this is a collage that I produced to show them how much I was having to move my head to look at the corners (i.e. see the full screen) of my computer.  I don't know how it appears to you, but I have to put my head right back to see the top of the screen and scrunch my neck down into my body to see the bottom of the screen.

I also cannot see to knit or crochet.

Anyway, it is ongoing, I will update you as and when.

Oh, and please note, bravery at showing my photo in said new glasses.......  The ones I will change them to will be smaller than these because these are so heavy and rest on my cheeks darn it which I just cannot take.......

No new podcast yet, just not up to it yet.  I still keep having random teary moments and I am pretty sure that no one needs to see that.  I mean I don't need to see that and I am the one sobbing!  All things in time...........  She says trying to convince herself and forget about the multiple episodes of sobbing which occurred on Wednesday.

I don't have any other news, I think it enough for one week!!!

So that is me.  I am of course linking with the Five On Friday link up post which will be the one after this.  To see the other links please either click the badge in my sidebar or see the other posts here.

Thank you everyone for linking, thank you for the kind comments you have left over the last week and thank you all just for being lovely!

Have a great weekend, love each other, and be just a little kinder than you need to!


p.s. bedding bought and paid for by me, not sponsored in any way!


  1. I can't wait until daffodils and tulips start springing up from the ground - and appear in the grocery stores! I haven't seen any yet. They're so cheery and remind me of spring. It's been so dark, gray and dreary here that I've almost forgotten what sunshine looks like. Your Christmas cactus is so pretty...I can't get mine to flower no matter what I do. I've had just one bloom this winter. New sheets are always wonderful...I like the pattern and colors on the ones you chose. Good for you for working on purging! It feels so good to get rid of excess stuff - it's rather freeing. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Amy. Your photos are lovely. I love the color of your knitting yarn. And, the new bedding is very pretty, too. Sorry to hear about your glasses. I had a similar problem and went back to my original old eye doctor and received a new prescription that works great now. It seems to be the the new doctor I had gone to wrote me a prescription that was too strong. As, I too can read very well without any glasses. I hope all works out well for you. Sending you hugs and good wishes, Pat

  3. Hello Amy, I am enamoured with that lovely bunch of sunny daffodils on your window ledge. Such a wonderful, bright colour.
    I have the same difficulty with glasses, but my optician suggested a pair of mid-range lenses and I absolutely love them. They are great for computer work and sewing at the machine, and knitting. There is a small area at the bottom for closer work, if needed, and a very narrow line at the top for distance. I find I use the large mid-portion almost exclusively (unless the writing on something is quite small). Like you, I can read without glasses, although I'm most comfortable with them.
    It took some trial and error to get these lenses right, and I'm due for a checkup and a change so I hope I'm just as happy with the next ones.

    Happy weekend. I hope all the arrangements get sorted soon. It always seems to take longer than it should.

  4. Your Daffodils are a treat to see, Amy. Thanks for sharing! I'm sorry your glasses are not measuring up to your hopes for them. My first pair of lenses like yours were large, and I did not adjust well to them, but the current pair I have are narrower and I really like them. Sometimes at the library or at a grocery store when I am glancing up and down a lot they are bothersome...make me a little seasick...not good for a Saylor :) At any rate, I hope you find just the right solution for you soon. xx

  5. A lovely cheery five. Well done on the sock knitting and the cupboard clearing. I love daffies too. Have a good weekend. B x

  6. Once my eye doctor put me in bi-focals. She said "They take some getting used to, but good for you in the long run." After giving them two weeks try-out I went back to just reading glasses. Too dizzifying!!

    Love the sunny yellow daffodils. And your countertop looks like our house. We too have been downsizing --- and tomorrow we continue to work on the garage. Ugh!

    My 5 this week is about just one day. And I link with you on a listed page of memes notifying everyone in a table at the top of my blog. Hope that's okay.

  7. Oh it's so lovely to see the daffodils - a bunch of cheer - I'm heading out to buy some today.
    I too am having terrible problems with varifocals - I got what they called occupational glasses several years ago which are/were brilliant for the computer or the piano, but I've lost them and am scrunching up exactly as you describe while trying to get any work done now.
    Have a great week
    Fil @ Fil’s Place

  8. I really like your new bedding and the calendar, how joyful. My calendar is really pretty this year, I can't believe we'll be moving on to February already next week. Great to see the daffs too. x

  9. I am EXACTLY the same with daffodils Amy. I just love them and also pop two bunches into my weekly shopping trolley :). Hmmmm, I think I could do with purging my home of stored up 'stuff' too. The attic has things that really should just go to the recycling centre :D
    Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Totally agree on the daffodil front. I plan to buy some next week (we're away this weekend so no point buying earlier)

    You might behaving varifocal trouble because your lenses are too big. I've been wearing them for years and find slightly smaller lenses help because the 'vari' areas are closer together. Good luck with it. They are worth it if you can get used to them.

  11. What a lovely, cheery photo of daffodils to wake to this morning. Good on you for learning to knit socks. I've always been envious of anyone who can, but am too intimidated (or impatient) to try. Good luck with your glasses, that's no fun at all to struggle with. Have a great weekend Amy. Nice to see you this morning.

  12. I should clean out my closets...but I'll procrastinate. I hope you find lighter glasses. Mine slide down my skinny nose. However these current glasses are the best ones I've had yet!

  13. Keep going with the knitting, practice makes perfect. We were all in the same boat when we first started. The optician mentioned varifocals to me but I opted for separate reading and distance glasses, I'm quite happy to carry on this way. I hope you get yours sorted.

  14. Daffodils are wonderful and cheery, especially on a dull, cold day so I totally agree with you. I'm trying to have a major sort out at the moment too but the houses looks as if burglars have been in. Hope it soon improves and I can be tidy like you. Commiserations about the glasses it must be so frustrating. Hope it is sorted soon. Have a good weekend and thanks for hosting FonF.

  15. Beautiful daffodils. I saw some in the shop and thought of buying some as they are so bright and cheery and I could use the pick-me-up but as I'm leaving I thought they would be a waste. Probably get some when I get back. Sorry you're having trouble with the varifocals. I have some. I must admit that I tend to take them off while doing close work. I see better without them lol. I do like them for reading when I'm out. I guess it's a sign of getting older.

    Lovely to see your knitting. It will be a long time before I tackle socks lol

    Have a great weekend!

  16. The daffodils are wonderful! It makes me long for Spring! I love calendars and can't wait to turn mine to February :)


  17. Can only say your are very brave to make room in your kitchen ! I would need to do so in the whole house but still wait for the courage to come so that I start ! I think I sit at the computer like you, nice pictures btw !

  18. Good five, I adore daffodils! Getting use to bifocals is difficult, I remember when I first started wearing them. My contact lens are strictly for distance and have to wear readers when I have to read something.

  19. Well done you, I need to have another clear out too. I've already taken two bin bags to the Hospice shop this year but there's plenty more from where that came from. Lovely cheery daffs and I love the scent too.

  20. Well those daffodils made my day. So bright and happy. Good fr you for tackling a clearing out job. You aren't the only one who has mentioned that this week. I need to get on that clearing out wagon! :) Yippee for your sock! Hope you have a very lovely weekend.

  21. Big hugs for your tearymoments. it's ok.
    Socks are always fun and you will get better and better!

  22. Amy, you are brave to show your glasses pictures. I understand the problems you're going through. I guess we must be of the same age, the one where the eyes go! We don't say it enough, but you are really appreciated for all the work you do hosting the Five-On-Friday party every week. I hoping you will be off to your new wonderful life of moving and traveling soon. Good luck with the downsizing. It appears to be going well.

  23. Oh perfect January 5! (er 6 - Lol!). Purging, organizing, thinking flowery thoughts (lovely daffs), working on projects, tackling new things (like socks!) go Lady!! Great start to this lovely 2017 year!!
    And I hope you get your glasses things worked out dear Gal! Blessings to you.

  24. I'm loving daffodils too. They bring so much colour and cheer in these grey January days. I think I've spied some Pyrex looking bowls amongst the stuff from your kitchen. Whoever gets them is lucky! Well done on the knitting. The only way to improve is to keep going, I'm sure the second sock will turn out better. I hope you have a lovely weekend. I've linked up with my own Five on Friday post. Thanks!

  25. Clearing out or decluttering ---whatever you call it, doesn't it feel good? We did a lot of that when we moved from the big house to the tiny apartment and we continue to clear out things here as we realize we don't use them. They all go to charity or down on a table at the mail center --- someone always takes what we leave there.

    I'm sorry you are going through such a hard time. Hugs from all the way over here in Florida.

  26. The daffodils are so cheery and bright - now I am hoping our market will have some this week, too! Love your new bedding -so soft and pretty. It is always so freeing to have a good clean-out and one person's trash is another person's treasure, I think. So good that you are donating. Your second attempt at socks looks lovely. You should have seen the misshapen dish cloths I turned out before finally getting them right. Definitely did not look like flowers! Glad that you are feeling a bit better about things with Man. My SIL is dealing with all that awful paperwork with my MIL and it is very taxing. I hope your weekend goes smoothly and you get a chance to enjoy yourself a bit. I had to laugh at your glasses adventure. I just went through something similar. My new ones still fall off when I bend over, though :( Hugs xx K

  27. Your yellow daffodils look gorgeous bringing sunshine to my day! Happy weekend Amy!

  28. Loved seeing the daffodils and the Christmas cactus. Good luck with the purging. I'm in dire need of a little purging myself. Have a wonderful weekend.

  29. Hello, Army, Happy New Year.
    Your daffodils are so bright in the sunlight. I enjoyed to see your flowers. It is quite surprising to see that your garden grass is green!! Your cactus is pretty. I have one,which is 15 years old.It is shrinking every winter. I had right eye cataract operation last month. It is always hard to find a perfect glasses.Sad. Thank you for letting me join you again. Soon I will visit friends in this party. Happy day to you!

  30. Nice pictures, love the cheery daffodils. Sorry that you are struggling with vision. I felt sad to see someone linking a politicized post this time. People have a right to post it, don't misunderstand. I just think it should be for their readers and not on a blog hop.

  31. Amy, my cactus is blooming, too. What is up with these crazy plants? Love your bright and cheerful daffodils.

  32. A teapot?! You're getting rid of a teapot?! Amy, isn't that unpatriotic if you live in England? Oh, well. I'm sure you have many more. I buy every teapot I see if they're within my budget. My pantry is more teapots than food. I'll just let my kids deal with them.

  33. something so cheery about daffodils. Like a bouquet of smiling faces.

    It's so good to have a good clear out and declutter.

    Pretty bedlinen, very Orla Kiely esque!

  34. I have been out of action all week, first day I have felt human since last Thursday!

    Varifocals - I can't get on with mine either, I went back and forth for a whole year but still wasn't happy. They are okay for sitting watching a DVD and knitting, but other than that hopeless - no good for reading or anything else. I have to move my head too much as well to use them. It is interesting I saw a really good optometrist when I was in NZ last year and he asked if I got car sick and I said yes - he said most people who get car sick can't wear varifocals and that is the first question he will ask someone before prescribing them.

    Love your daffodils and pretty bed linen. I have seen some in Sainsburys that I am tempted by as well.

    I am hoping to start clearing out some of our kitchen cupboards this coming week (and the rest of the house at some stage this year!) but have to make sure hubby is not around as he always wants to keep everything despite the fact he doesn't cook or use anything!

  35. Hello Amy
    Daffodils are one of my special seasonal flowers too - the sunshiney yellow brightens up any room!
    I've worn 'progressive' glasses for years now and I'm lucky they work well for me.
    In fact I don't even think of them as a variation of lens.
    I would like the bottom lens strengthened now as I'm finding it harder and harder to do fine embroidery work.
    Many thanks for hosting FOF.
    Shane x

  36. Beautiful daffodils.. they are so bright..

  37. Hi Amy, I love your Five - that knitting is beautifully even and the colour is gorgeous. As for the rest, I didn't realise you hadn't had Man's funeral yet, that's hard, I found the time between deaths and funerals difficult. I have two pairs of specs, one for close work and another for driving and distance. It's a bit of a pain but it works for me. I did a health and safety course where the trainer talked about people developing neck and shoulder problems when wearing varifocals and using computers due to the angles at which they held their heads to view the screen properly and it scared me. Take care, thinking of you. x

  38. I'm finally able to do a bit of catching up with my friends this morning Amy. love the sunny daffodils! And your knitting looks great!! Stockinette stitch is the one that looks so wonderful and neat when you're beginning with knitting. You can't stop smoothing your hand over those lovely stitches ;) You're doing well with the purging of your kitchen cupboards. Such a lot of work, but well worth it in the end. If I am unsure about whether or not to get rid of something, my son says "Mom, this would look great on the shelf .... of the thrift store". Funny kid. I hear you with the glasses troubles. I just need them for reading, but I've tried using my husband's and just hate the tiny focal point of his bi-focals. Too weird for me so I know I will always have plain reading glasses. He likes them because he can walk around with them in the stores and they are already on for him to read labels. I carry mine in my pocket.

  39. Sorry I was not able to participate in the link up this week I have been spending quality time with my daughters and the grandchildren. Consequently I have not been on the computer so didn't feel able to join in. We too are having a big clear out it is amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the years. It was a joy to see the daffodils.

  40. That clean out, the stuff looks nice! Is that a red baking pan? I have had to stop going to charity shops and sales for this very reason. I can't pass up a good deal! Which is why I need an entire basement clean out. For real! Good job on knitting socks. I keep thinking I'm going to do that, but probably won't be this year. I've decided I'm using up my yarn stash and if there isn't sock yarn in the stash, it won't happen! I completely understand what you are going through with the estate stuff. Completely! I wanted to scream several times too. No one understands unless they've done it. Which is another reason I need to get that basement cleaned out!


  41. I have only had one daffodil purchase so far this year, they are so cheery aren't they.
    Good luck with getting your glasses sorted.
    I'm sure the charity shops will be delighted with all your donations.
    Lisa x


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