Monday, 28 April 2014


No photos yet folks as I haven't even looked at them yet, let alone uploaded and edited them!  How rubbish is that.  I have however read all of the outstanding posts that I had to read from well over the last 2 weeks, so I think that is pretty good!  I am fully up to date on all of your news, good and not so good.

As you know, normally I reply to all of your fabulous comments, and you will also know that I have struggled in the past with this, so I have decided to admit defeat and I am afraid that I am not going to reply to all of the outstanding comments that I haven't yet answered.  Please know that I am very sorry about this, but I have read and loved all of your beautiful and supportive comments as I always do.  So please accept this as a collective thank you!

Another thing that has slipped is thanking new followers and visitors and returning to visit your blogs.  So again, thank you all for following, new or old followers, and I will get by at some point to visit.  I will, I will, I will!!

OK, so housekeeping out of the way!  What have we been up to round here.  Before we went away there was a frenzy of housework and gardening, as I hate to leave the house unless it is all lovely, as it is so much nicer to return to a clear organised home I think.  Then we went away on Easter Sunday!  We went to stay in Somerset which is a beautiful part of the country and which allows us to visit one of our most favourite places which is Lyme Regis in Dorset.  I could just sit there by the sea and watch the world go by for hours on end.  In fact I have said that if I ever go missing, come and look for me there first as that is where I would most likely run to!

There was also a little bit of antique shop browsing and possibly a purchase or two which I will share when I have taken some pictures!  As I hinted in my last post we also bought a new picnic cool bag (cooler or esky for those in foreign parts!) and some lovely cotton yarn which I am turning into some mandalas!  Sadly my no two the same blanket is a bit neglected at the moment, as I did not work a single stitch of crochet the whole time we were away - despite lugging it off with me!

Mostly we relaxed and just pottered around doing not a lot, driving and looking at the view, sitting and having an ice cream or a drink watching the world go by or slowly browsing round a shop and talking ourselves out of buying things!  All in all a pretty good way to spend our time we thought.  It was so wonderful to get away from our stresses once we stopped thinking about them.

Sadly we returned to a bit of a firestorm of difficulties and found that those who we had hoped would step up to the plate and look after things while we were gone appeared to have done nothing, so we are back into it all again.  However, our time away did make us realise that we have to take a step back and "let" others take responsibility for things - by which I mean force them - as cannot do it anymore all on our own.

Tomorrow I have to complete the first task on our new don't do anything and let things fail into disaster right in front of your eyes plan.  I have no idea if I will manage it, and what the outcome will be.  It is nearly as scary as it is stressful to actually deal with the issues, but something that has to be done.  They say that God only gives you as much as you can handle.  If that is the case, God must think that I am a pretty amazing woman.  I'm not sure that I share God's optimism or faith in my abilities, but I have to assume that he knows what he is doing and run with it.

I received a beautiful e-mail today which I quote from here (hope that you don't mind, you will know who you are!). 

"I try very hard to remain positive and if I can't influence the outcome of things I no longer worry. When I did worry I would feel like a hamster going round in a wheel, thinking and worrying about all different outcomes and possibilities but now I just leave it be if I can't influence it and wait and see what happens. Nearly always it isn't as bad as you think it will be."
I don't know about you but I think that is wonderful.  For two reasons.  Firstly because it is so true and secondly, which meant more to me in a way, because it means that the way that I feel is normal and others feel that way too!  I have been worrying so much that I am over worrying, but it seems that others worry too, so that actually makes me feel much better and takes away one of my worries!  Ok, now I am worrying that that makes me sound mad!!!  See, a born worrier.  If God is testing my worrying abilities, I have passed that test with flying colours I reckon!!
Gosh, I have wittered on here for a long time, so I will leave you all in peace now and I WILL get to some pictures and share with you what we saw and did, but I am taking my time and not rushing, so it might be a little while yet and in dribs and drabs.  That has been your advice though and I have realised that I have to take things a little slower, so I am learning something at least!
Hope that all is well with you, my thoughts are with those of you who are having some tough times right now.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Hiya peeps


It seems that some people have missed me!  Not sure why as I am not someone who exudes self confidence and I am still in awe that anyone comes by and reads my blog, but it is nice to know that you do and that you have noticed that I haven't been around.  Thank you for checking in with me!  I will reply if I haven't already over the next few days.

I didn't disappear down a sink hole, fall off a cliff or get accidentally shut in the garden shed - or deliberately shut in the shed I should say!  As you may know we have been having a rubbish time of late so when the offer of a few days away came our way we took it and ran off and have been hiding out for the last week.  No, not like Robin Hood in the woods, or the Famous Five in a deserted castle somewhere.  In a proper house!

Anyhow, we have had a relaxing time, and tomorrow we return to face the real world and all the stress once again.

So, I thought that I would let you know that I am alive and well and that I will be back again very soon once the laundry is done, grocery shopping completed and my dear garden tended to!  I have some tales to share and some things to show you - more wool and a picnic basket in case you are interested!!

Thanks again for missing me, sorry that I ran off without telling you, I'll try and be good and not do it again in the future!

Take care and I will be popping by to see ya'll very soon!!

Have a great weekend peeps!

Amy xx

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

I wanted to say Happy Easter to you all and to wish everyone a wonderful spring or autumn (depending on where you are!).  I hope that you are having fun with family and friends or just enjoying some alone time yourself perhaps!

I will be back again soon!

Happy Easter!


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Confined to barracks

I hate being stuck indoors!  Today I am confined to barracks awaiting a delivery.  Last week our DVD player died halfway through playing a disk - how rude is that I ask you!  We are probably dinosaurs still playing DVD's, but we still want to be able to watch the films that we have, so we don't think that we are dinosaurs (we have moved on from playing cassette tapes and video's after all!).  So there is nothing for it, but to wait in for the delivery man.

I wanted to be out here doing some gardening, but I won't hear the door if I am.

So instead I have been fiddling around with a little of this

And a bit of this

I added some squares here

Moved some ornaments around

Played with my Easter Tree

Considered what I might do with these (no answer! still undecided....)

Finally I realised, I better get on and chase away some dust bunnies and make use of this

Which meant that I found this hiding under the bed - do you think that it is from the Easter Bunny?  I hope that it is for me!  I didn't peek though.

Its a shame being stuck indoors when the sky is so beautiful

But at least we will have a new one of these by the end of the day!

What are you doing today?


Monday, 14 April 2014

206 to go

I have crocheted all of the 210 squares needed for my no two the same blanket.  Even more exciting, I have sewn in the ends of all of the 210 squares needed for my no two the same blanket!!!!!!  All 1260 ends.  Yes, really 1260 ends (210 squares x 3 colours = 630 x 2 ends for each colour = 1260 eek!!).  I'm done though, yay!!!!

Don't they look pretty.  All different, no two the same!

Of course laying them out and working out the pattern, is not as easy as you think!

I played around with them though and got them sorted out in the end in a way that made me happy.  It did take quite a lot of fiddling around to make sure that there were no two similar ones next to each other as I wanted it to seem as random as possible.  In the end I decided that random is just that and actually you do get clumps of the same colours next to each other naturally, so even though there are some areas where some colours seem more concentrated than others I am happy with that.

What do you reckon?  By the time they are all crocheted together and I have added a border it should be about double bed sized.

The next challenge was how to keep them in order so that I can crochet them together without them getting all mixed up again.  Sleeping under the squares all laid out on the bed isn't really the most practical of ideas is it!!  I thought of laying them into a basket or box, but I wanted it to be quite portable and go anywhere and I was worried that a basket would be hard to move around and keep them all in line.

So how about this, a square snake.  No, not a snake that is square, but a snake of squares (that of course turns out to be, well, square!).  I threaded them through starting with the first square, moving towards the last one.  As long as I keep taking them off one at a time and remember to start a new row after the first 14 and if I threaded them properly it should be easy.  If I planned it all right of course.  There are a lot of if's there!

To make sure that they didn't all come adrift I added a piece of card at the bottom of the snake and tied a knot in it.

Then when I was done I tied the top end of the snake in a bow onto the handle of my bag to keep that end safe and sound!

In a bid for total efficiency I also added a bow to the very first square so that I always know which way to start from!

All that is needed now is to crochet the other 206 squares to the four that I already joined up and add a border and I'll be done (that's all.....).  I'm using the join as you go method so at least I will be done when they have their final round of white around each square and I won't have a lot of sewing or crocheting together to do.  Just all of the ends to sew in - but not as many as I have already done.

Then my no two the same blanket will be finished and ready for snuggling.  Of course I already have ideas for about 1000 other blankets that I want to make, in different colours, different patterns, sizes.  You know what it's like!  If I keep going I might get through a few of the ideas, but the house might be rather overrun with blankets.

Well, I'm off to join a few more squares together.


Saturday, 12 April 2014

This week in the garden

There are more things coming out into bloom and growing away in the garden this week.  Here are a few shots - rather heavy on the tulips, but they are pretty glorious!

Sorry that I have been rather absent again this week, thanks for still popping by though!  Hope that you are all having a good weekend and that you have lots of lovely things happening in your own garden.