Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Reading My Books - Rogue

"For Maxine Williams, being married to Blake was an amazing adventure.  Brilliant, charismatic, and wholly unpredictable, as an entrepreneur he had made millions and grabbed headlines.   His only shortcoming was as a husband, and now they have worked out an odd but amicable divorce, and share three children they both adore.  Blake gets to keep his globe trotting lifestyle - dating a succession of beautiful, famous and very young women - while Maxine raises their kinds in Manhattan and pursues her passion, working as a child psychiatrist.  Then, everything changes...

Maxine finds a new love just as tragedy transforms Blake from carefree playboy to compassionate responsible grown up.  He wants Maxine in his life again - as a partner in a humanitarian project that could affect countless lives.  But Maxine is on the cusp of a new life and almost certain that Blake aka the Rogue, is a man capable of doing anything except change... Or is he?"

Or so says the blurb on the back of the book Rogue by Danielle Steel.  Having read it, do I agree.  Well, overall I have to say that I think that the badly written blurb - just look at the grammar and other errors - is the best thing about this book.

It was predictable from the start, which of course I expect, but this one was even more so than usual.  I have tried to read this book before, it has been on my shelf for a long time, I see that it was published in 2009 and although I am behind on my reading, this one has lingered for a long time.  It wasn't the best I am afraid.

To me these books could almost have been written by different people.  The older Steel books are very good I think, with lots of interest, historical detail and fact and seem to really tell real stories, I have written about this before.  However some of the newer ones are not good at all, and them some others are not bad.  They don't seem to be consistent to me which is a shame.

The story took a long time to get going, I think we were nearly at page 400 out of just over 500.  I mostly read it while walking around in an exhibition that I was supposed to be showing to people - who didn't turn up! - and it was fine for that, but otherwise....

I was disappointed.  This story could have told so much more than it did.  It could have talked more about the humanitarian disaster that the blurb references, the author obviously has some knowledge of the subject from some of what they wrote, so surely they could have shared more.  It would have added far more to the story than petty arguments between Maxine and a man called Charles.  Also there is a very silly plot twist involving Maxine's nanny Zelda which was very annoying and which properly told could have been a great story on its own, so why throw it into this one.

The other - very petty I realise! - annoyance was the fact that the cover reminded me of those books about the very large number of one colour "romance" books - I cannot bring myself to say the name of them - which didn't help my mood either!!

So, sorry, but for me this was not a good read.  It will be passed on to someone else I know who likes these books and frankly I am glad to see the end of it!  Gosh what a grump I am!!

My next read is yet another of the Agatha Christy Poirot books that I have and I hope it will be more interesting than this one.

I have decided to start rating my reads and this one gets a 4 out of 10 for being irritating and unnecessary.  It would have been lower if I hadn't been so desperate for something to read on the day that I finished it.

I would love to know what irritates you in a story, do share!  You can find my other book reviews by clicking the Reading My Books link at the top of the sidebar on the right.


Saturday, 25 March 2017

Random Stuff

Random stuff that I didn't post in my last post.....

1.  What a horrific week it has been for the world.  Once again turmoil.  I am so sad and am sending all of my good thoughts out into the world with hopes for a brighter future.

2.  I have started a giant granny square blanket.  It will be truly hideous because it is a riot of odds and ends of Stylecraft Special DK in the some really bright colours.  Time for another clear out and also I needed to be doing something with my hands and felt the need to make someone a blanket.  I hope they don't hate it....

3. Still not settled with anything yet.  Lots going on and round in my head and I cannot get it right or get a balance.  I am trying to blog less because it is making my eyes less tired and my shoulder less sore, but it I miss it and feel guilt about not visiting posts.  Agghh, why do I do this.

4.  I wonder why some people feel that it is OK to say really stupid things and then try and justify their position by saying things like "well if you ignore this" i.e. the whole main issue of the problem and then try and throw in their own issues as justification for why they are right and you are wrong.  Why do others feel it is OK to just brush you aside and appoint themselves as their own little version of a deity.

5.  Fences being replaced soon, worried about what they will trample and kill in the garden and trying not to worry at the same time because I can always replace things.  But that isn't the point though is it.  Glad that the fence will not be falling into the - thankfully very tolerant and polite but surely very cross by now - neighbours garden any more though.

6.  First too much to occupy my mind, then not enough and now too much again which results in my head being fine then not fine and now - because I am too busy again - being fine again.  Why does that work that way.  Why can I not be alright and not busy at the same time.

7.  Why oh why oh why does the cutlery drawer get full of crumbs.  In a crazy bid to keep my mind from filling up I have embarked on a fingertip deep clean of the kitchen - what a task! - and Thursday was the turn of the cutlery drawer.  Why are there crumbs in a drawer that only holds clean things..........

8.  Walking is going well, but we went on a long one this week and my legs felt it.  Glad that I did it and kept up and was at the front all the way round though.  Not too shabby and the weather was great this week too.

9.  Finished another book, although I am slipping on my schedule, but as long as I keep going I will get there right.

10.  Cannot get into blogging right now - see points 3, 4 and 6 above.....

11.  The clocks go forward this weekend.  Will spring appear I wonder.  Someone should let the weather know.

12.  Mothers Day this Sunday, have a great day all Mothers!

13.  Mini eggs are dangerous.  You can eat too many of them and they can also feel very odd when you eat them so you think that your temporary crown has come off your tooth.  Don't worry though it didn't and I have had the permanent one this week - crown, not egg....

14.  Grey weather again when I am writing this.  Sunshine please!!!

15.  Started another blanket too, a granny stripe in sock yarn.  This will take a long time.  I now have three blankets on the go.......  One sock to finish and a scarf and then it had better be all blankets before the weather does warm up because these things need finishing.  Apparently I have startitis.

16.  Loving stir fry right now.  Not right now though because it is still only 9 am when I am writing this.

17.  I have run out of sensible things to whine witter burble talk about so I will leave you in peace.  Hope that I still have some readers left.


Friday, 24 March 2017

Funny Ole Things version of Five On Friday

Well, today is Friday, and it should be Five On Friday day, but of course the baton has now been passed over to Carly and Tricky at FAST - click here or the badge in the sidebar to find the link up - so I don't have a link up to host.  It feels very odd let me tell you.  I am very happy with the decision, but it is odd all the same.  I had every intention of coming to my computer this morning to write a post, but at the end of a grotty week for me personally and for the world, this morning has also taken a funny turn of events so now I am not sure what to write about!

I have written three blog posts that I have deleted, just that paragraph above has stayed, with some additions and deletions.  What to write about.

Ok, I have made a decision, I am going to post five pictures and a few words about them, and then stick all of the other stuff into a 10 random things post in the style of our blogging friend Leanne from Todays Stuff.

So here goes.....

Primroses in the garden.  We have got loads of them at the moment and I adore them.  They are so pretty and come back each year all on their own, go away, don't look messy and then return and look beautiful all over again.  What more could you ask for in a plant.  Nothing.  So wonderful to see.

Cake.  These were made by a colleague at Basildon Park in the 1950's kitchen and let me tell you they were delicious!

Little violets growing in our grass.  It is a good job I took their photo because they had their flowers chopped off by the lawnmower not long after I too their picture - accidently, but it was still sad!

Bears crossing.  I saw this great bear sculpture in a town called Alton when I was visiting with a friend recently.  They have a no sitting on the bear notice, but how could you resist!  I did resist because I was with my friend, but I was tempted!

Funny signs.  This road must have led to the local stocks in times gone by.  It was also spotted in Alton.  What a name for a road hey.  Imagine having to give that out as part of your address.

So, that is my five for this week.  I feel much better now having shared those things instead of the other jumble of stuff in my head.  I will go and straighten that out in another post which it is more appropriate!

Thank you Tricky and Carly for being great new Five On Friday hosts, and thank you for the wonderful post you wrote about me last week, you are great guys and I appreciate everything!  Sorry I didn't get to comment last week on any posts - I will explain in the other post a little - but thank you to everyone who took part last week and for all of the support that you gave me and I know will continue to give to Five On Friday.

I hope you have a great weekend, tell you loved ones you love them and be just a little kinder than you need to.