Monday, 23 January 2017


As I said last week, we don't get a lot of snow here so when we do get some I have to go out and photograph it straight away so that I can share it.  We do get a few more really heavy frosts, but they cannot be guaranteed these days, so I also have to run out and photograph the frost quickly too!

This results in a slight overload of photos, but it means that I have more to share with you so these are the follow on from the ones I showed you on Friday, with some mosaics so that I can take part in Mosaic Monday - more of that at the end.

This (above) is the result of two days of frost, it is very thick and crusty isn't it!

The sage always gets a good thick coating of frost because the leaves are slightly hairy and they catch more moisture to freeze.  It makes for great photos!

The grass isn't so exciting to look at, but you can see how cold it is when the grass freezes.

Everything looks very chilly doesn't it!  I do like that we have so many evergreens in our garden though as they do add to the garden all year round and I am grateful for that!

As you can see it was very frosty in the garden although some of this was the result of two days of frost one after the other and no melting or defrosting in between.  I love the way that frost decorates everything with that look of icing sugar sprinkled around.

Nature really is an amazing thing isn't it, and it creates such great beauty for us all to enjoy!

Thank you as always Maggie for hosting Mosaic Monday, you can find the other posts over at Maggie's lovely blog Normandy Life.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Crochet catch up

It has been ages since I shared any crochet with you so I thought we could have a bit of a crochet catch up today and you could get some peeks of what I have been up to over the last few months.

Most - in fact I think all - of the things that I have worked on are things that I want to write up patterns for to share with you, some will be free, some paid for, but I didn't want to show too much before I have the patterns done.  Of course I haven't had any time for pattern writing so everything is rather behind.

A few peeks here and there will not hurt though, so this is a little of what I hope it to come in the coming weeks and months.

Lovely colours in a corner to corner kind of way....

More colour in a very soft lovely yarn that I really enjoyed working with.

Bright little squares...

Loads of colour in my Happy Scrappy Squares Blanket!  I hope to share this with you next week as my plan is to finish it in the next few days - or to have it finished already by the time you read this!

Another finish which is the last of my Little Women series - yes, I am that far behind!!

Things to keep you - and me! - cosy....

That is it for now.  As you can see, quite a lot of work to do to get everything written up and worked out.  I will get there though.

A few days ago when I shared about my sale of things I had made for my Etsy shop - see post from last Thursday - some of you asked if I would still be crocheting as I said I was moving on with my making.  Rest assured, crochet most definitely remains and I will still be making things, inventing things and sharing them with you!  Bag making and so on may be on hold, but crochet will never go!!

So that is what I have been making over the last few months, along with a few more things that I forgot to photograph - socks!! - more to come as and when I can share with you!

Happing making everyone!


Friday, 20 January 2017

Five On Friday

It has been cold and frosty here this week so I have some cold and frosty to share with you!  I took way more than five pictures so I have chosen just five here and will share the rest with you on Monday.

I am thankful that although it has been very cold, and it was very cold when I was at work - I took my happy scrappy squares blanket with me to sit under and work on and I was very grateful for it! - we haven't had any snow this week.

Photos first, then a bit of catch up chat!

Isn't a thick frost just so beautiful!!  I love these photos.  I love the others I took too, but these were my favourite five, especially the one of the rosemary - second one down.


It has been a busy week, I am still not back into my "routine", whatever that may be, but I feel as though I am getting there a bit more.  Time seems to be whizzing past and the to do list is ever growing.  We are getting there though and starting to feel rather more as though we know where we are heading with things.  That is good, as I like to know what I am doing and obviously things have been rather topsy turvey lately.

My happy scrappy squares blanket has been receiving a lot of attention.  I don't have the mental focus for anything else right now, but I do have the need to crochet so the blanket is coming along really well because of this.  In fact it is coming along so well that I have a bit more border work to do and I hope that by the end of the weekend it will all be done.  Yay!  Something finished for the first time in a long time it seems.

The socks that I have been working on - not even sure that I have mentioned them here? - have been put aside for now as they need too much thinking about.

Hubby and I are, of course, feeling this big odd shaped hole - a father in law shape! - in our lives right now so we are trying to fill it up by doing things that we haven't had the time or energy to do for ages, so we have had a date night, we are working together on clearing out cupboards - yes I could do it alone and so could he, but we both have such strong opinions on our "stuff" so it is easier to do it together.  Things are being cleared out - and donated - or replaced, moved etc.  We are also considering some travel plans and some other longer term things too.  Right now anything is possible!

I have been reviewing what to do with my Etsy shop and the things I made for it.  Right now I don't think I will be making any new things, but I have lots of lovely things that I made for it before things happened with my father in law.  So I have decided to list them as a "sale", you can see them in the post that I wrote yesterday if you are interested in them.  Hope you don't mind me mentioning it.

That is where we are right now.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy Five On Friday - you can find the other posts, and add your own link, here.  Have a great weekend everyone!!  Stay warm or cool depending on where you are.